Partnering with Caldera Spas

I am excited to announce that we at Schoenen Pool & Spa,  have joined forces once again with Caldera Spas.  Way back in the 1980s we sold Caldera and have always admired their impeccable comfort, performance and style.  Caldera is owned by Watkins Manufacturing and has been offering the best to hot tub owners since 1976.   

Caldera models start as small as a two person triangular hot tub that fits neatly into a corner saving space while providing superior comfort for two and increases up to a 15 person hot tub that provides an amazing amount of room for those who do serious entertaining.  
I have been very impressed with the Caldera sound system.  I am very old school and have always thought that having music at the hot tub defeated the goal of relaxation.  Goodness was I wrong!  When I synced my iPhone bluetooth with the music system we have on two of our floor models, I was blown away by the sound and the effect on the environment.  Everyone loves music. It is the perfect match to relaxing in your hot tub. 
Caldera has a long history of quality.  Each time we purchase an appliance for our home we hope that it will be low maintenance and high performance.  I can assure you that Caldera meets that goal! 

Remember we offer a low pressure sales environment at Schoenen Pool & Spa.  Relaxation starts with us! 

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