Filter Care

There are three common types of filter systems for swimming pools. Diatomaceous Earth, Cartridge and Sand. Keeping a filter clean and operating correctly is one of the most important things to do for your pool. Without proper filtration, your pool cannot be kept clean and clear.

If you have a D.E. filter, make sure that you are backwashing upon pressure rise of 8 to 10 psi over normal and replacing D.E. powder per manufacturer recommendation. Clean the D.E. grids or fingers at least once per season using a chemical cleaner. Do not your household cleaners.

If you have a cartridge filter system clean or swap the cartridges based on manufacturer suggested pressure rise. If your filter does not have a pressure gauge, clean your filter chemically at least once per month. More if you have a hot tub that is used three or more times per week. Do not use household cleaners.
If you have a sand filter you will need to replace the sand at least once every three years. If you suffer from repeat algae growth, have a great deal of swimmers per season or are less than careful with chemical maintenance, you may wish to change your sand once per year. Sand changes are a service we provide. We also keep sand in stock for do-it-yourself jobs.

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